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Weird Tektro Brake Lever Problem

Heckler1974Heckler1974 Posts: 479
edited September 2010 in Workshop
Tektro drop bar brake levers (I think they're RL520) on a brand new Specialized Langster, brake pads are adjusted correctly on the back, brake performance is alright, but oddlly the lever returns too far.

It pivots where it should but when it returns the top actually sinks into the hood. The front lever is fine and seems to stop in the right place. A diagram I found on the t'interweb confirms that as expected theres chuff all to them, I'm just unsure if it is a problem or not, is it symptomatic of a issue developing or should I just accept they are cheap crappy levers and just move on. Is there anything adjustable in these things?


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