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MTB Holiday (Recommendations)

cavehillcavehill Posts: 126
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A group of us had planned to go to Whistler but with one thing and another it has been desided to look for trails or a bike park closer to home. Maybe europe i.e france, spain, andorra somewhere.

Where have you been and would you recommend it.



  • jaysonjayson Posts: 4,606
    Im lookin into goin to austria next year afta hearing some good things about it although france would still be good, its still the same mountain range afta all.
  • FullyFully Posts: 257
    I went to Les Arcs this year and the riding there is brilliant, and i would definitely recommend it. But it depends what you're after really. If you want pure man-made DH trails then i guess Les Gets/Morzine would be your best bet. Les Arcs is nearly all natural downhill singletrack (Still some very technical riding though), with a couple of purpose built trails. I had a big off on my first day this year, tore ligaments in my shoulder and therefore stuck to the lower level trails for the rest of the week, so i barely scratched the surface of the riding potential there.

    If you want guarenteed sun then maybe head for Spain, there are loads of companies that operate down there.
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    Apparently, riding on the streets of London is gnarly enough to wreck mere aluminium MTB frames, might be worth checking out! :lol:
  • RIKORIKO Posts: 559
    Try Trail Addiction in Les Arc awesome singletrack downhilling and with the guides you really see all the trails that aren't on the map some of the most technical stuff I've done
  • mtb-idlemtb-idle Posts: 2,177
    Les Arcs is awesome but if you were planning on Whistler then perhaps Les Gets/Morzine would be better for you.

    I've been to both, twice each. Les Arcs is more singletrack based i.e. only one proper DH trail but still plenty of gnarly trails.

    Les Gets/Morzine is packed full of DH trails, stunts, jumps etc.

    Depends what you want really.

    Here's a bit of me in Les Arcs with TrailAddiction this summer showing the wide variety of trails we rode in one single day. Plenty of decending too, on our first day there we rode 16,000 vertical feet of descents 8)

    Final Friday

    or for more singletrack stuff still with TrailAddiction

    Le Mont Jovet
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  • miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,823

    I've ridden in the Alps with Bike Verbier and they were fab - I would highly recommend them :D The riding is stunning and they are are all really nice guys.

    I had an amazing holiday- even if it did result in my partner breaking his thumb on day 1 and flying back on day 3 for surgery (I carried on with the holiday at his request!!) :shock:
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  • kathgkathg Posts: 142
    We went to Meribel with Alpcycles. Excellent riding,quiet and guiding/ coaching from the French National DH Squad Coach. Never seen such a rapid improvement in rider skills. Then went to Sauze d,Oulx in Italy doing our own thing - great venue, really mellow,ace food, One very cheap, 2 stage lift serves, all the riding you need for 3 or 4 days from UK red to as hard as you like. Full of ex-pat Scousers just like Llandegla!
  • FastladFastlad Posts: 908
    MBMB in Chamonix are fantastic. I went there for the first time in '97 and have been back with loads of mates about 7 times. The biggest group we went with was about 20! total riot. We all stayed at the same chalet where dinner was made for us every night before we rode into town for a few beers. Highly recommended by me and all my club mates. 8)
  • if you wnat to stay in england, id highly reccommend dalby forest in yorkshire, there are MILLIONS of well snug cottages around there, or for the ultimate outdoorsy experience, there is a campsite called the tackeroo halfway round the monkey trail over in cannock chase...
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  • I throw in another vote for Austria, the alps down in Tirol (state in the eastern area of the country) have extremely good trails.
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