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warranty/first service issues

alp078alp078 Posts: 28
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recently joined the road cycling world with the purchase of a Giant defy, so be gentle as my grasp of correct terminiology etc is a little wanting.

Anyway, yesterday I fitted some defy mudguards to the bike and to do so dropped off the rear wheel, making sure that I was on the smallest rear gear and putting the chain back on the same when putting the wheel back on. I haven't taken the bike out since, but in checking things back over I seem to be unable to shift into the largest front gear (the shifter shifts but the chain does not move to the gear.

So, I was about due a first service so figured I'd just bring that forward slightly and contact LBS this morning. I bought the bike online with a shop in North London, but I live on the south coast, so want to get it seen to locally. They are hesitant to carry out the service or any work because they say it will invalidate my warranty.

Any advice would be much appreciated. I can't be sending the bike back to North London anytime the bike needs some work during the first year, but equally know that I am probably not yet cut out to do everything to keep it road-worthy. So, do I just get them to do it and invalidate the warranty and cross fingers nothing major comes up in the coming months?

Thanks in advance


  • Alp, I find that when I put a wheel back in, it's best if I tighten the quick release as the wheel is resting on the floor, as opposed to having the bike in a stand and shoving the wheel up. It just seems to find it's rightful place when resting on the floor. Dunno why that is, but has always worked for me. :)

    Try that before going all way back to London. I'd even be tempted to contact Giant re the warranty if your worried.
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  • Thanks fella

    I actually did have the wheel on the ground and kind of lowered the frame back on it, if that makes sense. I don't have a stand just yet, but have ordered one to make any future work/cleaning easier.

    I just wonder whether invaildating the warranty is such a big deal vs the hassle of getting the bike back and forth from North London where it was bought when I coud have it worked on by a local bike shop... I mean, issues with the gearing aside, the LBS is telling me they won't do any work on it, including general servicing, because of the warranty.

    I'll be honest, i didnt really know to consider this when buying the bike, I was just shopping for the best price on the bike i wanted and it happened to be with they guys in North London. If I'd known there'd be issues around warranty/servicing I'd have stumped up the extra to by locally.
  • You know when your trying to shift the gear then, does the front mech move at all ?

    It seems weird that all of a sudden it can't shift up.

    Re your LBS not wanting to do 'anything' to your bike, find somewhere else.

    I'd be inclined to speak to Giant, as surely as long as you take it to an authorised Giant dealer, they should be able to do something within the warranty.

    It's like buying a Ford for example. As long as you take it to an authorised Ford dealer, they can do work under the warranty.
    "There are no hills, there is no wind, I feel no pain !"

    "A bad day on the bike is always better than a good day in the office !"
  • Check this link re dealers:-
    "There are no hills, there is no wind, I feel no pain !"

    "A bad day on the bike is always better than a good day in the office !"
  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,175
    Bit odd that you've taken the rear wheel out and the front derailleur has stopped working. Are you sure you haven't whacked it? It's probably OK but it might have rotated w.r.t. the seat post, which can censored up the gear shift (I speak from sad experience). Got any pics?
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  • Thanks everyone

    I thought it a bit weird too, as i didnt think i had done anything to impact the front. Anyway, I managed to get the bike into the LBS for a service, once they realised it was a Giant and they are authorised dealers they were fine - obviously. Can only assume the guy didnt hear me when i told him the make/model when i spoke to him previously. :roll:

    Gave it a gentle pedal down to the LBS and found the shifting to be pretty OK. Not sure if my added weight on the pedals, rather than just turning them by hand, should make any particular difference, but hey. Bike was due its first service, so I'm happy now that it will all be looked over.

    Thanks for all your replies and patience with a very green nooby!

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