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Your Favorite Dope(r)

gmbgmb Posts: 456
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While doping in cycling is absolutely abhorrent there are some names (Pantani, Millar etc.) still held up as being "heroes".

Who, despite your better judgement, can you not bring yourself to despise as you should following a doping scandal? (Please no LA - tres dull).

For me it would be Tyler Hamilton. The guy is just too nice. I was also well impressed with his performance in the 2003 TDF when he rode to win a stage with a broken collarbone (okay, I realise he was probably tripping off his ti*s).

I would suggest there be a specialist team for all dopers (including recreational drugs) so they aren't discriminated against. Perhaps they should be given really cool team kit so as to appeal to kids, maybe skull logos/something to do with rock or something along those lines? It would give all the cheats a second chance, although I'm sure Tyler would never go for something like that.
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