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First week back in the saddle

jimboukjimbouk Posts: 21
edited September 2010 in MTB general
At 44 years of age and after many years out of the saddle I thought it about time I gave the world of MTB another shot .The wife thinks it may be a case of mid age crisis but hey who cares .My new Giant Trance X3 arrived last Wednesday ,managed to get out every day since it arrived.

Hard work but very very enjoyable and rewarding id almost forgotten what it felt like going flat out downhill with mud splashing in your eyes and the air rushing through your helmet.
My main observations after completing my first week back on the pedals are

I am so unfit and its going to be a long slog to get anywhere near where I want to be

Hydraulic brakes are the dogs bollocks ,awesome what more can I say

I need some glasses after a face full of mud this afternoon

Full suss downhill is a revelation , what an enjoyable experience.

Horses are very big !!!!



  • Get one of those mudguards that go in the crown of your forks to keep a mud free face and good job for getting out in the 1st place
    The fitness will just come if you get out at least twice a week
    Thats a nice bike
    Some guys in my bike club are 65 so your a young un :lol:
  • Im 20 and my 2 main riding buddies are pushin 60 years old, so dont worry about age mate. Glad to hear your back in the saddle and enjoying it. Sounds like a good bike, and get yourself a good set of glasses asap. I want some good glasses but am too busy spunking my free pennies on my bike :)

    At the rate your riding, fitness will come quick. So good luck my friend.
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