Airbone Supernova

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Just received delivery of this tiny pump, looks great and fits like a gem in to my mini seat wedge
Seems to operate A OK, though I have no doubt the old elbow grease will come in to play.
Does anyone else have one out of interest?


  • what sort of psi do you reckon you can achieve with it?
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  • sonny73
    sonny73 Posts: 2,203
    Hmm, well they say 100psi but we shall see, personally I would be happy with 85-90 for sure in the case of a puncture. It'll definitely take some graft to get a good pressure up, but I am happy with that.
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    Sorry to bring up a old post...But anyone tell me if these are any good.
  • RDB66
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    Yes...I've had mine for about 3 weeks. When i first got it, i had to try it out.
    Starting with a flat tyre, screw the Presta adaptor onto the valve and then screw the Airbone onto the Presta adaptor, all nice and tight.
    With 4 1/2 minutes of pumping i had the tyre up to 98psi.

    One of the best bits of kit i've bought in a long time. I carry Co2 as a rule, but if your unlucky enough to get 2 or 3 puntures, your buggered.
    This is where the Airbone comes in.

    It gets a 10/10 from me.

    You can get them on ebay for 9.99. 8)
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