Crud Racer 2 Alternatives?

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So they finally arrived, and sadly don't fit my bike. I realise that its because its a very narrow frame, its a TT bike. However for the foreseeable I'm going to be commuting on it and so would dearly love something as a mud guard solution.

I tried a generic seatpost fit rear mudguard, but due to the Specialized seat post I couldn't get it to fit.

Any ideas?


  • want to sell them to me?
  • Already sold them to another guy at work minus the postage so I haven't lost much money ;).
  • Sadly my just-acquired Crudcatcher 2's also do not fit my commuter bike (converted racer) due to almost zero clearance.

    No option but to put an old set of race blades on. I don't like them but they're (a little) better than nothing.

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    Would these fit my Focus Mare or do I need to get proper mudguards :?
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