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Changing Boardman to 53/39

MickEAMickEA Posts: 14
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Help required
I have a Boardman Team Carbon Fitted with a SRAM S350 compact 50x34 which I would like to turn into a standard 53/39.
Can I just buy the gears or do I need to purchase the whole chainset, or what is the best way to change over?



  • I know that you can get 52 & 38 chainrings in 110mm compact bolt spacing which is pretty close to 53 & 39.
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  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    You can buy the chainrings you want - but you have MAKE SURE they are 110BCD ones - not the normal 130BCD ones.

    What that means is - a standard double chainset (53-39) has a bolt circle diameter (BCD) of 130. A compact uses a 110BCD. This is the spacing of the bolts that attach the rings to the cranks.

    Stronglight make the rings you are after.

    (I've done the conversion you are looking to do myself)

    Chainrings available here (look for 110BCD ones):
  • Thanks for this - Now understand what to order.
    so can order 52/36 and ease myself in too it,
  • Bar ShakerBar Shaker Posts: 2,313
    I changed my cassette to an SRAM 1070 11-25 which has given me the greater top speed I wanted (+8% for the same cadence) but without needing to put a longer chain on. Going to 11-23 would have lifted all of the ratios up but I was happy to keep a 25 ring for the lung burner hills. The bike feels better on my roads with the new ratios and the SRAM cassette changes gear very nicely.

    £44 from CRC.
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