Peaks climbs

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I'm doing a charity ride on Saunday, the Cat n' Fiddle.

We ride out from Brian Roukes in Stoke, up the Cat from Macc side and down towards Leek then up over Axe edge and back to Stoke.

I've never ridden the roads round there, what are the climbs like on a scale of 1 to 10 of toughness


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    Depending on your experience, about 3/10. Cat and Fiddle is long but generally has steady gradients. Axe Edge is shorter but again not too steep. The last bit back to the shop is quite up and down though and could catch you out if you had gone out too fast.
    Its a really pleasanr ride if you have the weather!
  • Steve_b77
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    Catch me out if I go to fast! Are we talking a series of rollers ;-)
  • Anonymous
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    It's nice and steady, even I managed those hills on a 39-25 10 weeks after having my leg pinned...

    Obviously it gets harder the faster you go!
  • CiB
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    I di the run up through Buxton to Glossop and beyond last week and they're hard round there, but steady. You just settle into it, pick a low gear and get your head down. Best not to stop for a breather. Once you do, you've lost the battle. Never stop. :)
  • First of all it's a good ride - very enjoyable. The first time I did the ride it was on a flat barred road bike / hybrid and got around in OK time despite not having ridden for a couple of months previously due to illness.

    Cat and Fiddle - 4/10 - long old grind and once you get over the initial half mile it reduces in gradient
    Axe Edge - 4/10 on it's own, but immediately after Cat and Fiddle I would rate it at a 5/10, especially as it seems to catch headwinds as it is relatively exposed
    Leek / Stoke - 4/10 - as previous posters mentioned these can catch you by surprise - when I did the ride, these were the only places I saw people walking.

    If you have done other hilly sportives then I don't think there is anything to scare you if you are in half decent shape. I was very inexperienced and out of shape when I first did the ride.

    Enjoy :)