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I had my old tourer for more than 20 years and picked up a brand new Dawes Sportif on Friday.

When I was riding it into the garage I noticed a rubbing sound similar to brakes rubbing.
When my weight is off the bike all is ok, wheels spin silently etc. if I put any weight on the bike it's back again ?

It's really hard to identify without a rolling road and another observer.
I'd pop back to the dealer but it's a 250 mile round trip :)

Any ideas ?


  • rick_chasey
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    Might be the flex in the wheels pushing the rim closer to the blocks.
  • I tried loosening the brakes - bigger gap to rims. No difference though.
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    Do you hear it all the time / only when pedaling / only when seated..?

    If when pedalling, check for things like shoes rubbing on cranks, clothing against frame/saddle bottle cage etc.
  • I noticed a similar rubbing sound when I put my new saddle (Prologo Kappa) on the roadie.

    Turned out it was my thighs gently massaging the side padding of the saddle :)

    I believe that particular steed comes with mudguards. Anything in that department?
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    I had something similar sounding on one of my bikes. It was worse when I was out of the saddle (weight forward).

    Off the bike, everything ran smoothly; on it an occasional rubbing sound. Opening up the brake caliper made no difference (except I nearly fell off trying to do it on the move! :D ).

    In the end, I adjusted the brake blocks by moving them down a bit on the rim and the noise went away, so I assume it was something to do with the blocks rubbing against the tyre.

    Could be that?

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    Can you easily loosen the brakes a lot (ie is there a clip for when you take the wheel off) to see if that helps? It could be the tyre wall as the last poster says.
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  • I had something today like this, rear wheel vibrating like touching the blocks, but loosened the brake levers and still does it. Weird.
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    Is the wheel in tight? It can sometimes be the tyre rubbing against the left chainstay. May only happen under load when you press on the pedals and are actively pulling the right hand side of the wheel forward.