Riding 80 + miles with patellofemoral pain/runners knee

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Myself and hubby are planning on cycling 80 (or more miles) this Friday (the most I have done is 64, so looking forward to the challenge!). I am a little worried however about my duff knees. I have 'runners knee' on both knees, the left knee being the worst normally, however when I cycle the right one seems to hurt more. Anyway, I am generally a runner, but because of MTSS injury at the moment I'm cycling more whilst allowing this to heal. Has anybody ridden with those open knee supports on? And if so, is it uncomfortable on long rides? I'm just a bit worried that over 80 miles it's going to start rubbing or crinkling behind the knee making it uncomfortable. The only other thing I can think of doing to give my knees a bit more support during cycling is taping them (have had this done a couple of times by my doc) but I find it quite restrictive. I don't usually wear any support whilst cycling, but I do wonder whether it would be best given the mileage?


  • I had runners knee when i was training for a half marathon. My physio said i was ok to carry on training while doing the glute exercises as long as it was only sore. As soon as i pushed the pace a bit i got "pinging" pain which the physio told me not to try and run through. Now i'm not saying that that's right for you but only you and your doc/physio/surgeon know what is.

    If i was you, i would personally not push it too hard, that way you shouldn't get too tired meaning your cycling "form" should hold better, but also plan an escape route incase it does get too much, but again, only you can tell how serious your injury is.