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Bristol - Newport - Bristol

IronHorse100IronHorse100 Posts: 302
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Trying to think of the best way to plan this commute due to job change. I think doing the whole lot by bike is ambitious (espesh.throughout winter). I'd like to combine train and bike where possible (avoiding toll on Severn crossing)

Anyone do a similar commute?


  • crakercraker Posts: 2,060
    I do Chepstow - Almondsbury, ~10 miles each way mostly a great ride. The A48 looks like a fairly decent commuting road (it's wide single carriageway for the most part) but I suppose you're not really thinking of commuting the whole way? You can always drive to the (old) bridge and park around Homebase or the long layby on the A466 - many do in my experience.

    Which bit of Bristol are you trying to get to?

    The train is 1/2 hourly from Severn Tunnel Junction to Filton & Temple Meads but don't think about trying to get a bike on it (even folders are a squeeze at times). Catching the train at Newport aditionally can get you to Parkway (on fast direct trains).

    Temple Meads is a good place to leave a hack bike locked up.
  • thanks for your reply - I'm actually looking to get from central-ish Bristol to west side of Newport and back to Bristol. I'm def.looking at maybe parking before the old Severn Bridge and cycling down the A48 - that's still about 20 miles each way
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