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HELP Back ache - advice pls

pgodwin555pgodwin555 Posts: 66
I have an issue with back ache and unsure how to correct. When I sit down and ride for long periods I have no issues but as soon as I have to standup to do technical decents i get very painful lower back ache and the only way to get rid of is to sit down again to just to stop the pain, really odd... Its very uncomfortable and takes a few days to go.

I have tried different saddle heights moving position of my cleats, the only other thing I could assume is stem length perhaps...?

I am 28 and fitness is excellent, I ride a Trek Fuel EX8 2009 all standard parts setup. This issue has only started in the last 8 months, I have had no previous accidents or injury in this area.

Does anybody have any advice / suggestions?


  • maybe try some core strengthening exercises?
  • go see a sports physio, you shouldn't have this issue and they will assess you for any muscle weakness/imbalance and give you the appropriate exercises or send you off for a MRI if necessary.
  • pgodwin,

    So many things can cause back ache, with most cyclists its when they are sat down peddling for long periods of time. Yours sounds very different! I would take a guess at some tightness in your upper/middle back as it aches when you descend out of the saddle. If you think about descending out of the saddle your upper/middle back will be working quite hard to move the bike around, when you sit down those muscles get a break, and it eases. Would definitely seek the advice of a physio and get their advice. It might just be a case of tight muscles that need massaging and stretching out, try a foam roller or a tennis ball on different areas of your back to see where its painful, this could give you a starting point.

    Hope that helps some, back pain can be very uncomfortable, but in most cases, solved.
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