Chain Tugs

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Ok, I bought a Giant Bowery 72 over the weekend. Rides so much better than my old road bike I'm sad to say.

However, I'm having fun and games with the tugs. As I have no idea what I'm doing. So thats parts one.

Is it shove the wheel in, pull it into position and tighten the axle nuts slightly, then further tension the chain with the tugs and hope the wheel remains straight in the dropouts? Then tighten the axle nuts properly?

Part two (why Im in this section). There's a good 2/3mm overhang on the bit that rests on the end of the drop out. So when I tighten the tug it sits at an angle (hard to explain). does this mean it came with the wrong tugs? ie 8mm instead of 5mm? If so, what tugs do people recommend?
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