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Custom build bikes in London

redhandedredhanded Posts: 139
edited October 2010 in Commuting general
I've been commuting regularly for the last year with a 20 mile round trip to central London and I'm toying with the idea of getting a new bike, but treating myself and going for something that is custom built rather than an off-the-shelf model from my LBS.

I was thinking of something based around a Cotic Roadrat frame with flat bars, hub gears and disc brakes...but I'm not an expert in bike technology or maintenance so was looking for someone to discuss and advise on the various component options and build the bike.

Any recommendations for companies/people, ideally in or close to London, that offer this type of service?

I've done a quick scan on the internet but the custom build places I've seen seem to focus on road bikes, but I'm definitely looking for a commuter bike that should be just a bit different.


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