Riders near Hainault?

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Just got my first mtb and looking for some peeps who know the cycling routes round hainault forest for a meet up. let me know, will start my mtb'ing 10th/11th october.
i'll try not to hold anyone back, i'm from a t.t'in background so can ride a bit.


  • dave35
    dave35 Posts: 1,124
    no one then :(
    anyone that has ridden round hainault forest, do you start at the hog hill side or the other side near the camelot pub?
  • Timma
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    hello there
    Been over there and started off from the hog hill end right at the top by bus stop.
    theres a loop all around the forest , think the loop goes near to camelot too.
  • dave35
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    Bit muddy over Hainault today,started at the bottom of hog hill and rode for about 45mins. my first time and certainly not my last. Took a while to settle down but oce the adrenaline kicked in i loved every minute of it.