Wilier Gran Turismo 2011

Mad Roadie
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has anyone seen this bike for sale in the UK yet?
I have found an SRAM Force/S60 version for £2400, but not in the UK. Having seen the video and owning a lesser spec Wilier already it is as once recent post described "like Catnip for Blokes"

I want, but cant find!!


  • StillGoing
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    Yes seen one in the flesh at the LBS. It was a special though retailing at over £4k. I've been quoted the retail price for the Athena at £3199. What you can secure from your LBS shouldn't therefore be any higher than that unless you're going for the Chorus and other upgrade options.

    Looks nice in blue/red/white
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  • Scrumple
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    someone here has one, search and pm
  • Garry H
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    Edinburgh Bicycle Coop have them in their latest catalogue (Web ref 13280). GBP 3199.99, Athena build, Fulcrum 3 (I think) wheels