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Just a bit of advice for which bike

munkehmunkeh Posts: 27
edited September 2010 in Road beginners
choice of 3. lack of road bike knowledge here so im wondering if anyone can help me make the decision on best bang for buck

Giant defy 4 - looks good but lacks the carbon forks of the specialized, but does have a triple chainset (correct me if wrong)

Specialized allez 16 - carbon forks

Specialized allez 24 - carbon forks, more gears but is cheaper then the 16? why?

im looking at going for the specialized due to the carbon forks that everyone suggests from reading this board but the Giant seems cheap for what it is.

help :)


  • danowatdanowat Posts: 2,877
    Langster is a single speed bike
  • ok my bad. That is off the list now :)
  • Also what tyres do peolpe use in the rainy and wintery weather?
  • The Allez 24 is cheaper simply because it's got a bigger discount on that site! The RRP of the Allez 24 is more than the 16.

    It's said that the geometry of the Allez is a bit more aggressive than the Defy. There's not much between them otherwise. I went for the Defy simply because that's what my local shop stocked, although with the choice between the Allez 24 and Defy 4 I'd go for the Allez with the carbon forks.
  • Do carbon forks make that much of a difference?
  • dmch2dmch2 Posts: 731
    munkeh wrote:
    Do carbon forks make that much of a difference?
    My hybrid has 1.5" tyres and ali forks, the road bike has carbon forks and 23mm tyres but is far more comfy in terms of reduced road vibration with no numb hands issues.
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