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Question on mudguards

Lmrt1Lmrt1 Posts: 26
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I'm looking to put mudguards on my Specialized Secteur Sport (2010) for commuting purposes but want to be able to take them on and off without too much faff. I've shortlisted the Crud Roadracer 2's and the SKS Race blade Clip on's, but has anyone tried either of these on this bike? It seems a bit pot-luck whether the one's you plump to buy fit your particular bike.

Any help/advice much appreciated. :)



  • Hi Stuart,

    I've Crud RR Mk. 2 on my road bike for winter commuter purposes. Absolutely no problem at all fitting them and unless you've got some unusual faired brake housing (which you've not) and there's no reason why they shouldn't fit any 700c road bike. There's a lot of give/flexibility in the design to allow for different frame geometries. They're not quite clip-on/clip-off, it takes maybe 10/15 minutes to get them on and off if you have left the mounting points on the fork / seatstay.

    The easiest way to get them on/off is to cut the cable tie that goes around the brake hanger, but any bog-standard cable tie does here so it's only a few pennies of cable tie you gave to worry about losing. The large cable ties for mounting the rear guard to the seat tube are special ones with an easily accessible release catch so you can reuse the ties.

    I'm very happy with them, only slight niggle is sometimes you can hear the guide brushes rubbing on the rim and also on bumpier surfaces, the front guard tends to "slap" the tyre, which is annoying but harmless.

    The Mk.2 come with the parts to build them up like the Mk.1, with a shorter rear wheel arc.
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  • Lmrt1Lmrt1 Posts: 26
    Hi Flyingbanana, thanks for the reply and the info. - it's good to know that they're very adaptable. The problem is for me that I haven't got any local shops that stock them so that I can take a look.
    I gather that they are quite thin plastic which is where you get that 'tyre slap' from I'm guessing but I suppose that is why they're also pretty light.
    Thanks again for the info.
    Any other help is also welcome.
  • Canny JockCanny Jock Posts: 1,051
    The Cruds are pretty good, and set up correctly don't make any noise, but this depends on the bike as well. Far better coverage than raceblades.
  • I use The MK-2 as well on Boardman Team Carbon. If i need, put them on the night before or takes about 10 mins in the morning, I keep a bag of cable ties in the garge next to the guards everytime I mount them and just cut them off when removing. Leave the mounts on forks etc all year round. Coverage around the wheel is excellent, especially MK2's. I've had no problems with fit now that I do it regularly. Although first time it can take a while to set up as wheels tend to rub. Used both version Mk-1 for the past year, but last week switched to Mk2,

    Trick is not to pull the cable ties really really hard (like I was first time), this deforms the guard and the wheels start to rub on inside.

    Only downside is very close wheel clearance, this can create a scraping noise as silt or leaves trap in between. Go through a pudle to flush them out.
  • Lmrt1Lmrt1 Posts: 26
    Cheers Small bloke and Canny Jock. I was in favour of the Crud's anyway I think (my background from year's ago is mountain bike racing and the Crud line was pretty new at the time but, in my opinion, was excellent and well thought out) so I think I'll go for them.
    Cheers again for the advice
  • I currently have the Cruds on my bike. They fit ok and seem to do the job of keeping me mostly dry. Trouble is I've only had them for a couple of months and now crud2 has come out. Is it worth forking out again for the updated version?
  • If you already have the Crud RR Mk-1, just request spares from the Crud website to make them into Mk-2. The front mudguard is exactly the same, so no change there. You just need the extension pieces for the rear mudguard, the main blade is exactly the same.. You won't even have to remove your old mudguard as the new MK-2 parts can be retro-fitted.

    Here's the link for spares... ... r_mk2_rear

    You just need the parts labelled as:-
    Rear nose
    Rear tail
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