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Diagnose my sprint problems

gazergazer Posts: 33
edited September 2010 in Workshop
Hi guys i got someone to tape my sprint today and would like your help on how to improve positioning or anything else that could help as i feel that my sprint could do with a bit of work, anyway here's my vid and BTW im in the rabo kit

Cheers Gareth



  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    You should have kept behind the guy in black for longer, and closer when you were behind him....
  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
    watching that made me cringe....

    sprinting like idiots on a public cycle path, with people walking and jogging just inches away - and on a path bordered with log stumps. Do you have no sense..?

    But to answer the question, there's nothing wrong with your sprint that could not be fixed by pushing the pedals a bit harder...
  • I thought you were too upright. Might be the camera angle by I would have moved my torso further forward, lower on the handlebars.
  • I guess you are not quite as good as the guy in front. That is my diagnosis. :roll:
    I have only two things to say to that; Bo***cks
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