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i went to bedgbury and all i got was a broken arm.



  • well, its only a little bit broken,

    ive cracked one of the bones where it meets my elbow, hurts a fair bit if i try to bend or straighten it so im gonna have to learn to censored with my left hand for a while. didnt get a cast so it cant be that bad but its in a sling.

    on a plus note though, i was manly enough to walk my bike back to the car and drive home before the pain got too much and i went to A & Obvious.

    also, bedgbury was excellent up until i crashed of course, but proper good, cant wait to go back.

    I had the same injury, though mine was caused by giving a drunken piggyback then falling over :D I drunkenly walked home, fell asleep then woke up in the morning wondering wtf was up with my arm lol
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    I had the same injury,

    did it take long to recover? mine is hurting twice as much today.
  • The pain goes away after a few days, then it just becomes stiff and a nuisance. Mine healed fairly rapidly, 3 weeks maybe I could use it to drive etc and not long after that it was alright. Still clicks now though and I did it 3 years ago :P Not having a cast is a good thing though, means you dont get itchy and you can use the arm sooner. Make sure once its started healing that you do stuff to stop it going stiff and healing funny. Im sure the doctor will inform you better than me though ha!
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