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female advice on delicate subject

carrockcarrock Posts: 1,103
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my wife and i are doing longer and longer rides, and she is complaining about spots in the "saddle" area

I assume it's because women are more likely to wax/shave in the area and consequently the skin is more susceptible to bacteria/spots

Any female members got a solution?

She wears good quality padded shorts already, so bit stumped really....

Sensible answers only please- requests for photographic evidence, whilst mildly amusing, are not helpful


  • What kind of 'spots' are we talking here? Red inflammed ones or ones simular to black heads on the face?
    Does she wax/shave? How long has she biked for? Has she changed any thing recently (in removing the hiar i mean)? Do the 'spots' appear the next day after a ride... or after she shaves/wax's?

    Sounds like it could be aggrevation of where the hairs are trying to grow back out causing them to turn into ingrown hairs, this would be more if she shaved i would assume. Maybe try a different method of removing hair... cream?

    PS no asking for photo evidence... that did make me chuckle!!
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
    Try using some antibacterial chamois cream. I use the Assos stuff but there's a fair few...

    It could well be blocked / infected hair follicles from shaving/waxing, hopefully the antibacterial stuff should help prevent that.

    Also, using tea tree oil to bath / shower with can help...
  • JackPozziJackPozzi Posts: 1,191
    Does she use a decent chamois creme, like Assos? They have slight antibacterial qualities which might help and makes for a much comfier ride anyway...
  • Hi
    I had a similar problem and it regularly comes up here with some really good open answers (try searching beginner roadie and commuting). The responses have been invaluble to me.

    My biggest problem was saddle position, I dropped it an inch in height stopping my pelvis from rocking and voila, no sores caused by rubbing. I also dipped the nose a touch- experiment. I also invested in bodyfit saddle (not very sexy on a road bike) after recomendations from every female cyclist in a friends cylcle club. It is a cheap saddle so I thought worth the try and it worked!

    The other thing is no undies under the padding (oh boy did that sting when the seams aligned) and also reduces sweating. There was a talk on one post about internal sanitatry protection being better at that time (like I say very open and honest posts).

    Depending on where the pain is as to whether vasaline is an option. For me it wasn't due to the location of my rubbing, but if it is more round the edges of the padding etc I here good things about using it whilst your backside adjusts to cycling.

    Hope some of this helps. I would recomend searching teh older posts too.

    NMrs Shortyman
  • I forgot to say that a female cycle mate had spots that got worse (more like boils) and ended up at the doctors..... So keep an eye on them.

    Sorry I read it as a "hot spot" no "spot spot". Should read it better.
  • SBezzaSBezza Posts: 2,173
    Depending on the types of spots, if they are sores, try some Sudocreme to easy the inflammation, and as above use a chamois cream for future rides. You can also use the Sudocreme as a chamois cream as well if you want to try that first.
  • Theres a name for it, aww now its escaped me

    exhibitionist, thats it, he's 'jacking off' at the replies, don't go there :shock:
  • Doing longer and longer rides eh? :wink: Maybe she needs a break?
    Say... That's a nice bike..
    Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)
  • carrockcarrock Posts: 1,103
    Well we dont wear underwear under our shorts and she wears specialized ones with comp pad so will suggest using chamois creme

    We have been cycling about 5 years on and off but have just graduated to doing 40-50 miles in one go

    Think could be infected hair follicles but haven't really noticed what type of spots so probably need to pay more attention...

    Thanks for replies
  • And don't wear the shorts any longer than necessary after a ride. Wash the affected area with some anti-bacterial soap after each ride if it continues to be a problem. Most women seem to be fine with just some good chamois cream though.
  • PhatePhate Posts: 121
    Sure there was something similar on one of those embarrasing body type shows where a girl who I'm sure was a stripper, was getting spots and boils along the bikini line caused by shaving! Doctors advice was to moisturise properly after shaving and also told the girl not to wear tight clothing for a day or so after shaving as the rubbing from tight clothing just irritated the skin! So might be an idea to only shave when you know you won't be on the bike for a day or two!
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