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Hub gears?

barrybarryrbarrybarryr Posts: 44
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I'm struggling to decide what bike to buy as a commuter bike. I've looked at road bikes, MTB's and now am looking at hybrids.

I'm getting a bike on the Ride2Work scheme and it has to come from Evans.

I've seen a couble that have hub gears such as this Cannondale and this Scott;

How do they work? Are they any good? Would I be better of just getting a bike with normal gears such as this Cannondale;

Any help and explanation would be appreciated.

Also would I be better off just buying a mountain bike and putting thin tyres on it in the summer instead of a hybrid?



  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,226
    Both of these have the Alfine hub with disc brakes. This is a very reliable, durable unit that gives enough gear range for most UK riding except in the very hilliest places. The gaps between gears are OK for commuting (but too big for racer types). You can change gear any time, even when stopped. Removing the wheel is not as difficult as most people suggest.
    It is a very good system for all-weather commuting under 10 miles.

    Note that you need a chain tensioning system, either horizontal or adjustable dropouts or an eccentric bottom bracket. The Alfine gear tensioner gizmo should be only for conversions, anyone selling a new Alfine bike using this device is ripping you off. Some eccentircs are better than others. Cannondales EEBs do not have agood reputation. Also the Bad Boy sometimes lacks rear rack eyelets.
    The Scott is probably the better commuter bike because it takes standard accessories .
    The 700c vs 26"MTB is really minor, I use both.

    MTBs with rack and fender eyelets are often lower range and are supplied with heavy sus forks. They also have rear disc brakes interferring with the rack fittings.
  • Theres lots of Alfine threads on here now. Yoy might like to do a search rather than hope people will keep repeating themselves. (TBH I ain't - I've posted about it plenty here, in workshop and in cake stop)

    not being nasty/funny, just trying to get you the most info the quickest.
  • I didn't even know what an Alfine was until your posts. Thanks for the help.

    Is the EBB problem only on the bikes with the hub gears?
  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,226
    EEB are used on some singlespeed and hub gear frames.
    I did post on EEB a while back when looking for a hub gear bike.
    My city bike, dahon cadenza has an EEB with external clamping bolts. It is very reliable and easy to adjust and never slips.
  • ridgeback flight 04. ive got one with alfine and disc brakes, real fast flat bar hybrid type. nice
  • check out the ON ONE POMPETEMINE alfine bikes
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    Why? He has to go to Evans!

    A colleague at works commutes on a spesh with an alfine hub gear, has been very happy, the biggest benefit for a commuter is being able to shift gears when stopped, so if the lights change and you have to stop in a hurry you can then shift into your new gear while stopped, sothing you can't do with a derrailleur,

    They are also cleaner but a heavier. The shorter commute the more sense they make, my colleagues commutes 3 miles in his full work clothes, just takes off bike clips and jacket and helmet and sits down!

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