Decent Handlebars

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Does anyone have any recomendations for carbon drop bars? ideally i want carbon and have upto £150 to spend. i prefer anatomic/modern bars and have seen some nice bars for around £80 (Pro PLT Carbon) but these are carbon/ali and i dont know the differneces between full carbon and carbon/ali composite.

I like the Deda Phazer bars from Ribble as they are in budget but are always out of stock.

Any comments welcome.


  • solboy
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    any thoughts on this anyone???
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    I've gone through a few bars but the best i've had by far are the Ritchey WCS evolution, very stiff and light and the most important thing... comfortable. I tried the 3T ergo and i didn't get on with them despite the top reviews but that's just me, as you see in the previous post.
    In the end it'll come down to whatever you find comfortable, finding that out ended up being expensive for me.
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    I just fitted some Deda Newton shallows to one of my bikes and absolutely love them. They are like a classic shape but compact.
    They aren't carbon but they are very stiff and light.