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Anyone care to recommend me some better Overshoes, I bought some Pro Blaze's a while ago didn't use them till this week and they are rubbish!
The right size just gets over my shoe, and then the zipper on the back constantly comes undone, think this is as a result of the bad fit, they fit my smaller footed dad's shoes no problem so he's had them, so I need a new pair, price doesn't really matter, just need to be a good fit and look half decent too.


  • I got some Endura overshoes from Evans for ~£15. They're good in terms of keeping the wind/water out. Doubt they'll last 'til next winter, but even at £15/year they're a good investment.
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    I bought Planet X overshoes about two years ago and they're great. Keep my feet dry and warm :-)

    They fasten with velcro and I've only had a problem with them coming undone once (likely my fault). Cost about 15 quid on ebay.
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