Which cycle computer for commuting?

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Hi All,

I want to buy a cycle computer, but finding it a bit hard working out what I want need. I've looked through the bikeradar 'reviews' but couldn't find a recent comprehensive one so I've decided they aren't a good starting point.

Ultimately I (think) I want this to see what speed I achieve and various average speeds. Part of this would be used as immediate feedback to help me break the 20 minute mark on my commute.
Of interested would then be things like heart-rate, altitude/incline, being able to upload to computer to graph and compare days (so I can cuss the lights, etc.)
I'd like to spend no more than £100 really.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a suitable cycle computer, or functionality that I might want that I haven't specified?

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    I've found this on the Wiggle web site - it might give you more to think about?

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    The "upload to a computer " part & your budget may be a bit of an issue - there are plenty of computers out there that will give you the data you want but you usually have to pay a fair bit to get proper USB computer upload (don't get me started on the ridiculous Polar "hold it up to a microphone" method :evil: ).
    I wouldn't bother with the upload - it's not exactly a huge chore to type in a few numbers to a spreadsheet or an online/offline log tracker (I use Sportracks & have done ever since I had a cheap Polar a few years ago & realised that the pathetic upload method I mentioned above simply didn't work, so I just typed all the data in - until I got a Garmin 705, that is!)