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IoneIone Posts: 7
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Hi from Serbia!
I want to introduce my black "buddy". ... 1081373567
Group set-Ultegra 6600
Seat-Selle Italia Filante
Pedals-Keo look classic(these pedals are not on the photo)
Wheels-WH-R 550
Tyre-Continental Grand prix
Other parts-ITM
Weight-9 kg


  • schweizschweiz Posts: 1,644
    how are those Aldi bikes? How does it ride?

    I kept looking at them as winter bike. 10-spd ultegra 6600 and r500 wheels for CHF1100 seemed like a good deal, but wasn't too sure about the frame. The welding looked a bit suspect on the one in my local Aldi so I didn't bother.
  • IoneIone Posts: 7
    After having passed 7000 km. my impression is that the bike is very good.
    The frame is not made of carbon,but it feels very comfortable to ride it.
    The frame and wheels endure my 80 kg. very well :D
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