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Pre-ride dinner and breakfast

Danny-TDanny-T Posts: 129
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Am going to Afan on saturday to ride the w2 trail, at 27 miles with 1000 metres climbing this will be no walk in the park for me as im only fairly recently getting back into biking and trying to get fit. I did the 10 mile whites level last time and would like to give the biggie a crack this time.

Anyway, wondered if anyone had some suggestions about what to eat the night before and for breakfast on the morning of the ride for optimal energy levels?

Also, as its a 3hr drive at least from here what is the best time to eat?

Sorry if any of this is stupid, never really paid much attention to optimal foods for biking before.



  • weeksy59weeksy59 Posts: 2,606
    I'd check if it's open as there's an event there this weekend which is taking in some of W2.
  • Personally, before a ride like that - I have a massive fry up to get me going.

    A lot of riders suggest that this is the opposite of what you should do. They say have a bowl of porridge and some toast but for me - getting a massive full english down me does me wonders and is something my body can use for energy for hours.

    Both times I have been to Afan - (The Wall & Skyline) we have had fry ups in the cafe's on site. Good food and good value for money.

    Up to you, but it suits me well, I'm sure there will be others who prefer the other method
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