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Bump on the tyre

Mr BungleMr Bungle Posts: 114
edited September 2010 in Workshop
Thats the only way I can think of describing it. Was going for ride today, pumped up both tyres and span the wheels as usual, and the front one looked buckled.
Closer inspection showed the rim was perfect, but the type 'bumped' out a little to the left (when looking down).

I deflated and inflated , but no better.

I even went for a 5 minute ride, but got paranoid as it did not improve the situation.

Any ideas what this could be, its obviously stopping me riding, which is annoying for something I though would have been so simple.



  • Shaun20Shaun20 Posts: 218
    Double check the tyre bead is seated correctly on the rim. (assuming they are clinchers) Let all the air out and inflate to around 20 psi or so then check the tyre is seated on the rim, and fully inflate. Hopefully thats the problem. If not maybe a faulty tyre?
  • DmakDmak Posts: 445
    Any doubt, replace it. Simples :)

    Bumps occur from heavy knocks, pot holes, censored roads. It probably means that the woven membrane beneath the rubber is broken, this could fail at any point causing a blow out and you to slide down the road on your face. I must check mine!
  • PhilbyPhilby Posts: 328
    Had similar situation recently after a 70 mile ride - found on close inspection that the tyre had worn through to the canvas in a very small and hardly noticeable area. New tyres are the solution - not worth risking it IMO.
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