Mountain bike riders in Worcester.

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Hi there,
New to the area (living in Kempsey) looking for folk to go out riding with. Have ridden for a long time and new jon means i have moved to the area. Hopeing to make firends and discover new trails. Does anybody know of any groups that go out Thursday nights or weekends. I ride cross country and have a good level of fitness but will have a go at anything will even race if pushed.



  • if you are new to the area have you tried the Malvern hills. some slogs up but great trails. The local shop is Back on Track bikes in Malvern. good website and sure they will be able to advise on local groups.

  • Have you tryed the Wyre forest? ....i don't think it's too far from you...they have a thread on here have a look!
    Biking whore of Wyre....rides with anyone!
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    I too live in Worcester and ride up to Malvern most Sundays. If you fancy tagging along you are more than welcome. Its worth being shown round as it can be confusing where you can ride legally. Its best not to upset the Conservators, no matter how tempting it is.
    There is an established group that ride in the Wyre Forest as sassysarah says. There is also a newish club in Malvern that have Wednesday evening and Sunday rides including week-ends away. They are Malvern Cycle Sport - they are on Facebook and the web. I've ridden with them a couple of times and they are nice people. Back on Track is a great bike shop incidentally.
  • I would definitely recommend Cannock, Wyre Forest and even Clent as (fairly) local rides! :-)