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Rider Down Southampton

SailorchickSailorchick Posts: 202
edited September 2010 in Commuting general
Cyclist down at the traffic lights on the St Denys side of the Cobham Bridge. Paramedics and police all in attendance and taking good care of the cyclist. Looked like they had tried to turn right towards the Cobham Bridge from where the police were picking bits up.

Hope the injuries are not too bad and a swift recovery for the cyclist.


  • Thankfully appears to be non life threatening injuries, still nasty though ... _accident/

    Get well soon.
  • downfaderdownfader Posts: 3,686
    Just read this today. What sends a shiver down my spine is how its the anniversary of my being lumped into the back of an ambulance after a driver hit me a couple of years back. :?

    I hope the guy makes a full recovery.

    I see the usually stupid comment has appeared. Vix1 has left other similarly ignorant posts on the site before I seem to remember, though not about cycling. :?
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