£30 - £40 light set?

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I'm after a recommendation for a new light set for £30 - £40

So far I've seen these http://www.amazon.co.uk/Smart-Lunar-Fro ... 307&sr=1-2 which seem to have got good reviews on a few sites.

Any others to look at?


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    The rear light in that set is perhaps the brightest rear light you can buy for that money, the front light I don't know much about sorry
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    Look at Fudges - they have some good deals on lights - those are £30 http://www.fudgescyclestore.com/index.php?p=87872

    The rear lights are like little red bombs going off on the back - for this price you aren't going to get a front light that is adequate for non-city riding (unless you go to magicshine - see other threads) but it is perfectly adequate for riding with other lights sources (eg street lights)
  • Light like every other bike componant are a personal prefernce. Personally speaking they are one of the mmost imperative parts of my saftey for much a large portion of the year and therefore should not be under estimated.

    Depending on what you want out of your lights, too see or to be seen? I would recommend:

    http://bestofferbuy.com/HA-III-SSC-P7-C ... aign=gbase

    It gves out 900 lumins for a good amount of time if your off roading, and 500 Lumins for 4.5 hours which will crap all over most bike lights that are twice, or three times as expensive. The pack is not the lightest, but you want more weight on your commuter/training bike not less anyways.

    yes, they are import, yes they are non branded, but they are non branded which keeps the cost down. I know people who use these and they are good. I have orderd one myself this week with my brother.

    check them out!

    Hope that helps?

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    triathlon 220 has a review of bike lights this month and the smart lunar 25 gets best buy with rrp £55
    i need more bikes
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    The Smart lights are really good. I bought the 1W front light from Wiggle for about £14 and the rear 1/2W for about £6 from ebay - the front light is really really bright, almost embarrassingly so when you have it on the 'strobe' flash mode. I'm buying another 1W front light so I have 2 for night riding on unlit roads :twisted:
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  • Thinking about four Betty's. Bright enough? :wink:
    Say... That's a nice bike..
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    I know you talking about bike sets but as someone mentioned bright rear. This is very very BRIGHT 1W rear for £30. http://www.allterraincycles.co.uk/product/106293.html You will not get brighter unloess you pay alot more. CRC has just recently discontinued it. I cannot fault it. Mine recently fell off and got crunched under a car.

    Not brighter but more effective is the CATEYE TL LD 1100 due to bright 10 LED patterns and angle visibility.
    http://www.cyclestore.co.uk/productDeta ... uctID=7959
  • that smart set is great vfm, i've got a set which are perfect for the odd ride around town after dark.
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    Not only is the Smart rear light very good but it's mounting is sturdy. I've lost more than one cheap tail light due to a cheap mount.

    Not only would I have a main light on the bars but I'd get a head torch too. It enhances your visibility and is great if you need to tinker with anything on the bike or just read your cycle computer.
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    Thanks for all the replies, I've already got a decent head torch, so will be wearing that too if necessary.