What else should i get other than a bike!

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Hey chaps,

Been road riding for around 19 months now and i am looking to expand my horizon! Ive placed an order for my bike, i settled on the Mongoose Tyax Elite to get me going! As i have been cycling a while, i already have lights, helmet, jerseys etc which i can just wear to get me going. So other than tubes to carry with me, is there anything glaringly obvious i should be looking to get in order to see me through my initial sessions?




  • Wait until you get your bike- then start upgrading all the components on it!
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    ha ha ha!!! I knew someone would mention components! My road bike will be the first to get upgraded! Are mudguards essential, or do they not matter if i dont care about getting full of mud and cr@p?

    With never being offroad before, im just not sure what is classed as essential or not! Obviously the bike is ha ha!!!
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    A hydration pack is useful if you're riding any kind of distance, and a multitool to put in it.
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    decent track pump.

    Puncture repair kit.

    Lubes and cleaning brushes etc.
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    Some baggy shorts to cover up the lycra.
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  • Some really good full finger gloves :p
  • Personally - I'm a weight weenie, and as I don't ride on the road - all the reflectors, mudguards and stuff I don't need comes off.

    There is a big for and against on the mud guard front, I'm with the against.

    Spend some decent money on lights if you want to ride after work for the next 6 months!
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  • Mud Guards arn't essential, but its all personal preference. I could quite happily ride without a front mud guard, but having tried one, wouldn't do without one.

    You still get full of mud(at least legs), but I can do without tasting it and eating it too, when my wheels are full of mud, a mudguard stops mud going in my face and mouth when I start doing a down hill section. Especially if you start doing bridalways and start going through Horse, Sheep and Cow Manure!!!. mmmmm a mouthful of Cow manure..... Bad enough eating flies.

    Possibly only other things I can think of is a shock pump if your new bike has air forks, or maybe some decent pedals, depending if you use spds or not on your road bike or flats.

    Other than that most stuff is same as Road biking, Water Bottle, small pump or co2 bottle,Back pack, camel back, tool kit, Safety Hat (I do assume you have a hat)

    Possibly a 1st aid kit n mobile phone, if you happen to fall off and injure yourself, especially them strips to hold together gashes, ( had to use my 1st aid kit more than once) as off road biking can be in very remote areas where you might not see folk for hours and if you do injure yourself, especially without a mobile phone you will be in trouble.

    Possibly maps and stuff depending where you are riding.
  • If your climbing alot, I recommend a small flask with a little bit of whisky. nothing like a shot of whisky to refresh you when you get to the top, and prepare for the ride back down!

    other than that, everything else I can think of has been mentioned.
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    Ball of string.
    Rubber mallet.
    Sheeps clothing (for the Wolf).
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    Spend everything you have on upgrading.
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    Hi Zog - alongside all the goodies maybe consider an MTB skills course?
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    a big fat wallet and a understanding bank manager or my case wife. :lol:
  • bellys wrote:
    a big fat wallet and a understanding bank manager or my case wife. :lol:

    Or maybe get rid of the wife if she aint understanding..... :twisted: . but then again he is asking what to get, not what to get rid of :twisted: