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Creaking spokes after puncture repair?

slowondefy2slowondefy2 Posts: 348
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Newbie question here. I had a puncture on the rear tyre which I repaired without a problem. Inevitably the tyre was a little soft for the few remaining miles home (got bored with the mini-pump!) so it felt a bit 'different' but nothing too much.

A few days later (after properly inflating the tyre), for the first 2-3 miles of the ride there was quite a lot of creaking from the rear wheel, in time with the speed of rotation. No different when free-wheeling and not present if the wheel was spun by hand. The bike felt a bit weird, although nothing specific I could put my finger on - a bit mushy on the backend I suppose.

I ignored it and the noise and feeling soon settled down and everything was great for the rest of the ride (30 miles). I guessed the noise was from the spokes in the rim, but I couldn't be sure.

Does this sound right? The bike is going back the LBS for the 1st service soon. Is any 'fettling' of the spokes normally required? Seems strange that merely repairing a puncture would unsettle the spokes.

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  • MikeWWMikeWW Posts: 723
    can't see how the puncture could have any effect
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    All I can suggest is the tyre pressure is higher than pre-puncture.
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  • pneumaticpneumatic Posts: 1,989
    When you were fixing the puncture, did you use tyre levers of the kind that hook onto the spokes? that might have pulled them out of position slightly.

    The only time I ever get spoke clicking is when I have been truiing the wheel (or, on one occasion, after I had stamped on the back wheel during a comedy clipless collapse :oops: )

    Get the LBS to check it out, just in case.

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  • I may have the same problem, no puncture before though. I went out one day and had a strange creak. Thought it was the BB as it only happened when applying pedal pressure. My bike is only a few months old so I'm a bit concerned and want to get it sorted. Jumped off the bike and checked the spokes and a couple are a bit loose. Not massively so, and the wheel is still true, but still, they were looser than the others. I've tightened them a bit, but I'm no wheel builder and dont really know what I'm doing!! Hopefully this will fix it, if not its off to the LBS :?

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  • a_n_ta_n_t Posts: 2,011
    Tighten or loosen the skewer :wink:
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