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pacing yourself on returning to riding

clodhoppa74clodhoppa74 Posts: 331
after a period of time off the bike - 6 months sue to physio's instructions because of spine/nerve problems, and discovering one leg's longer than the other, i've finally been given the go ahead to get back on the bike.

i've been working on core strength with pilates, which has helped a lot. waiting to be told if i can go to the gym, due to the nerve issue.

been told to take a ten minute ride and leave it for a day or two to see if it flares anything up, which i hope to do this weekend.

things is, assuming i can get back on the bike, i'm censored at pacing myself. really censored .

has anyone got any tips, or things i should be paying special attention to while trying to get back to the (albeit average at best) fitness level, especially as riding times will be less, now the nights are closing in (and i don't have lots of money for lights for a night ride).



  • Watch the speed and cadence alot. If you had any idea of what your average speed was for for rides before that left you feeling a bit tired, do maybe 60% of that now to see how things go. if you rode at an average of 25mph before, maybe do 17 or so and try to sustain that.
  • thanks :D

    i just don't want to get carried away and put myself off the bike for another 6 months. it's been, well, frustrating.
  • I know exactly how you feel, my mother was in the same boat as you. Would get lazy for a while, then start exercising again. Overdid it every time, and ended up not being able to exercise months at a time due to injuries.

    Its frustrating to say the least.
  • it is.

    i have to wait until i stop getting 'twinges' in my leg before i can ride the bike at all, so that i can gauge if it's having any negative effects on the nerves in my spine. so far every weekend i've been having twinges, so can't get on the bike.

    this summer has been hell, as i'd spent winter last year making sure to get out and ride as much as possible, come rain or snow, to keep fitness levels up, and just spent all summer watching people riding their bikes, or driving past my house with cars laden with bikes on their way to the dales or gisburn. :(
  • Depressing man, I broke my knee last winter and had to watch all the bikes ride around while I hobbled around. Absolutaly hated it, and absolutely depressing.
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