New to road bikes, aches,pains,sprains galore!

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Hello all,
I've taken up road cycling in the last two months, been riding MTB's and hybrids over the last couple of years with no problems.

I'm 41, reasonably fit, not overweight and in training for a London To Paris next May.

But..... had my Specialized Secteur Comp for two weeks and got a doctors appointment today as got a pain in my side I just cant shift, it came on since riding my new road bike, feels like a tear but just wont respond to rest, days off the bike etc. It's got that painful it made me feel like throwing up last night!.
Hoping it's just coincidence, I've being doing 45 mile run outs on my hybrid no problems at all, before this injury.

Anyone else had similar problems going from sat on a hybrid to being sat on a road bike, the Sectuer is relaxed geomatry as well!

Might just me my old bones.....



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    My back was a bit stiff the day after for the first few rides on my road bike (after a hybrid). Like you I'd done one 50mile ride on the hybrid but mostly 30 miles each time.

    To be honest on the road bike my backside would only stand a few miles at a time although I'm back up to over 20 after 4-5 rides.

    I'd have said my back was fine now but it aches today after heaving on the hybrid in a vice to get the seatpost out last night!
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    It seems highly unlikely that you've hurt yourself as you describe just from cycling - unless, of course, you've suddenly started doing vastly more miles on a REALLY badly fitting bike & also been lifting the bike up one handed & using it as a weight for arm exercises? :)

    It's not unusual to get a few minor aches & pains going from a hybrid to a road bike (I know this as I went from a hybrid to a Specialized Roubaix a few years ago..) but they should wear off after a few's just your body reacting to the different positions of the bikes.
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    1. Get the bike fitting checked
    3.Stretches at least after the ride - and look up some core strength excercise
  • kingrollo wrote:
    1. Get the bike fitting checked
    3.Stretches at least after the ride - and look up some core strength excercise


    Good idea if you haven't already is to get your LBS to fit the bike up to you, even just a few mm can make a world of difference to you.
    Streching is something i always forget to do and damn i can tell if I have!! Must help the body wind down!
  • I had a lot of lower back stiffness when I first started riding notable distances on my allez elite but my back has hardened up to it now.

    I also struggled with the vibrations in my hands and arms and also felt like I had a trapped nerve in my shoulder too for a couple of days but am used to it now after 200 plus miles in the saddle.

    Deep heat and nurofen are your friend :)
  • Thanks for the replies, the Doctor basically said the same, new bike, new position, go gently at first and get used to it. He did recommend more core exercises though, he likened changing riding positions with changing a golf swing!

    My Secteur feels comfortable to ride, I flipped the stem to lessen the reach and raise handlebars. I'm thinking I've done this injury somewhere else and aggravated it on the bike.

    Now on Ibroufen and letting it settle down, but cant wait to get out on the bike again before winter closes in and I'm back on the hybrid and mudguards to get my miles in.

  • I've just started out and feel the same as you. My knees feel it the most! But I blame part of that from years of running and football. Did 20 miles last night and after 3 miles of slight inclines thought I was going to die. Had a good friend riding with me though who kept encouraging me, and after that I didn't want to stop. Powered up every hill after that, even started swearing at them. Felt so good once i'd got up them, and the 35mph desents more than made up for it. Just keep at it!