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Wilier cento shifting

GrifterukGrifteruk Posts: 244
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Help req'd please:

I know about the potential problems with the internal routing of the cento rear shift cable but understood it had been over stated.

Well I'm having trouble with my new cento running DA 7950. For some reason shifting feels much stiffer when changing on the than my ultegra groupset on my old/winter bike and I'm having troble getting the shifting right. The chain jumps and does not shift properly. I've ruled out my cassette and chain and I suspect the cabling is the issue. The chainset is also fine so I'm guessing (by elimination) that it's the rear cable.

I have ordered a new set of gore pro cables and will be taking it back to my LBS to redo the cables (as part of 1st free service)

i would however welcome some input from anyone who has overcome their cabling issues with their cento which sounds similar to the above



  • ScrumpleScrumple Posts: 2,665
    I use gore professional cables, and have NO problems with Sram Red.

    The rather fussy 11 speed campag did have some reported glitches.

    The new frames route the cable out of the top of the chainstay to reduce the bend.

    Have you removed the nylon, clear plastic tube that is ONLY there to guide the cables?? This is not meant to stay in the chainstay, and pulls out after fitting the cable.

    You shouldn't have any problems at all.
  • Thanks for the reply. I'm not a great mechanic and haven't fitted or removed the cables myself as I trusted my LBS. However what you say rings a bell because there is a small plastic tube like insulation around the cable which is protruding from the chainstay next to/under the chainset. It may be that this is what you are referring to. Ill try to get a photo in the morning.

    I've not yet fitted the gore cables as I've still got the dura ace cable fitted. I'll remember this when I take it up with the LBS

    Thanks for this - I'm hoping getting this sorted will make things a lot easier.

    Any other comments will be gratefully received as I'm bit of amachanical numpty!
  • ScrumpleScrumple Posts: 2,665
    take that plastic thing OUT.

    if your LBS have any issues, ask them to contact ATB (Wilier supplier), and speak to Kev about set up issues with Centos.

    He was really useful for me and said via email:

    "Wilier have had no issues at all with either SRAM or Shimano groups so you should have no problems using the internal cable route. The plastic tube inside the chainstay you describe is used to guide the inner wire through the chainstay. You will need to feed the inner all the way through the tube & then pull it out of the frame leaving the inner in position. If you need to replace the inner in the future, then reverse the procedure & make sure the plastic tube is all the way through the chainstay before you pull the old inner out of the chainstay."

    Like I said, most LBS's have no experience of the frames so wont know, and will leave well alone. Once you take it out, it will shift like a dream.
  • Fantastic advice which is filling me with anticipation of happier shifting.

    Can I just clarify what you mean by "inner" in the email? Is this the actual cable?

    If only I'd known this before I spent loads of cash on new cassettes, chains, Lube and god knows wot else ! Still at least I've got a fair amount of supplies now !

    Thanks once again.
  • ScrumpleScrumple Posts: 2,665
    inner just means the cable inner (metal bit), and any sheath that may come with it such as the gore sealed cabling.

    My Gore pro set has the inner metal cable, and an thin outer cover running inside the chainstay. Normal cable just means the metal inner, as the outer is merely the rigid stuff used from the shifters to the frame etc.

    That big bit of plastic in yours is just to help the inner find its way back out. If you dont use it you can spend ages trying to thread the thing! It is even worse threading the rear brake cable through the top tube without a guide hose.

    DO NOT bin the thing after, as you need it everytime you fit new cables, as the above says. If you do loose it, you can get any replacement hose of a similar size to do the job.

    The last bit of advice is make sure you have the correct bearing set up in the BB for Shimano, as it needs to be different to the campag BB that comes with the bike. Wilier supply a conversion for Shimano and SRAM, and you need to follow this. I have the set up diagram as none came with my kit!! I can email it to you if you pm your address.

    Keep in touch of you need help, and I'll relpy on the PM with Kev's details at ATB. If you click my sig link you can see mine, and there is a thread in "your bikes".
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