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When not to 'just get out and ride'!

kathgkathg Posts: 142
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Thought I'd let you all know about my total disaster of a ride this weekend :cry: and see if anyone else agrees with me re. post title!

I just shouldn't have gone..! I'd just done a 3 week stint at work without a day off so was really knackered and stressed but desperate for some fresh air and exercise. Set off on my usual loop at penmachno quite late in afternoon, only been going for about 10 mins when hit enormous sharp rock hidden by very overgrown plants on narrow single track bit... did very neat head over heels over bars and landed hard in rocks at side, hurt hands, arm, knee etc and got puncture. Wanted to cry and go back but thought 'man-up princess' just bloody get on with it!
Continued despite v.sore hand. Got to section of north shore over really, stinking thick mud, oh yes, you can guess.. looked at it and fell straight in, I'm talking up to armpits and face in was bottomless!! So, now sore, covered in mud and midges I haul my bike out wipe myself down with moss and start screeching and swearing (thank god there was no-one around)! Had to continue at this point, too far to go back so on I went, fell off once more but basically survived and got home in one piece although feeling very sorry for myself. :oops:

So, I think i now have a theory that sometimes its just best to go for a walk or a run rather than a mtb ride on which you need to focus and concentrate 100%!!!



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