Pain in right foot but not left

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I have used my bike 10 times now.

From the start, I had no issue with my left shoe, however everytime I go out , I get a pain in the bottom of my right foot. The placement of my left cleats look the same.

I get a dull ache while out on the bike

I don't really know what the source is. There are 3 variables, Shoes , pedal or cleat.

It would be nice to know where to start.

Anyone else actually had this issue??


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    Is one foot a slightly different size to the other? Check where the cleat is in relation to the ball of your foot.
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  • feet are the same size

    the only thing is that the shoes are heat molded, shimanos

    The rear of the shoes are very different.!!. Did not realise that my feet were that different!
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    Try loosening the right shoe a little. It worked for me when I had the same problem.

    I had one of them red bikes but I don't any more. Sad face.

  • ratsbeyfus wrote:
    Try loosening the right shoe a little. It worked for me when I had the same problem.

    same here :)
  • I have a similar problem which recurrs from time to time. It particularly affects the outer edge of my right foot. It may caused by a poor pedalling action on my part, but is cured by bringing my right knee in towards the top tube when pedalling - it seems to ease the pressure slighly on the edge of my foot. I only need to do it for a few minutes until the pain goes away. I have also found overtightening my shoes can cause discomfort as well, so try loosening them off a little.
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    Where exactly, on the base of the foot, is the pain?
  • It may not necessarily be any of those things. This subject just came up in another active thread in this forum. I also have occasional issues with pain and numbness, mainly in my right foot, but it's caused by me curling up and tensing my toes while riding hard. If I consciously relax my foot, problem goes away...

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    It did indeed come up on another thread and whilst it can be attributed to cleat position, shoes too tight, cycling action etc, it isn't necessarily so. After a course of anti-inflamatories I'm no better and have now been referred to a consultant surgeon. Go see the Docotor was the best advise given on my thread and I ignored it too long.
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