Upgrading road bike to TT-bike

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If one wishes to race a couple of triathlon / TT races with his old road bike without investing too much on it she needs couple of extra parts. I have a decent road bike with aero clip on handlebars which had a nice impact of reducing 7 mins of my 90 km cycling time. Now I'm considering what to do next with my bike.

Having read http://www.sheldonbrown.com/rinard/aero ... namics.htm article I'll still appreciate a word of advice.

At the moment I'm thinking of aero helmet, saddle mounted bottle cages and an aero front wheel with 82 mm rim profile, in that particular order. All together they will cost less than 500 $ (yes, a bargain wheel) and this is an upper limit for my budget.

It would be nice to hear what fellow cyclists think of those improvements and if you have links to studies on cycling gear aerodynamics, I'd love to read about them. The one mentioned above is quite old and I'm sure there's been a lot of improvement since that.