Evans - Credit where credit's due.

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I've slated them a couple of times on here based on bad experiences, but to be fair the last 3 or 4 times I've been in, their customer service and helpfulness has been first class. As an example, they've twice changed cassettes for me gratis ("no we can't lend you the tools, but give me the wheel and I'll do it"). Plus they're happy to talk shop with a bike geek! :) So credit where credit is due, thanks Evans Spittlefields!
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    I walk into the Waterloo Cut shop, their 'road specialist ' shop (their words not mine) -
    Me: Can I have a pair of downtube cable adjusters please?
    Asst: What do you mean?
    Me: Turn around and point at frame hanging from ceiling c/w adjusters - those please?
    Asst: No, they only come with a frame.
    Me: So, you're saying I need to buy a new frame?
    Asst: Yes, they only come with new frames.
    Me: Err, I'll go somewhere that knows bikes then...
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