Bib Shorts with Seamless Chamois; Where can I find a pair?

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Hello to all here on bikeradar. I have a query that hopefully someone here can help with.

I returned to cycling eighteen months ago after many years off the bike. I started back on my old bike and started using my old cycling clothing. My old Nalini bib shorts were fairly comfortable but are worn out now. I have bought a couple of new pairs of bib shorts but neither of them are comfortable and I can only cycle for about two hours before they start generating some serious chaffing that leads to a required rest period of a few days off the bike. I have a skin condition that is sensitive to any kind of friction and that includes in the shorts area, unfortunately. I am pretty sure the cause of the problem is the stitching in the chamois. I have tried a pair of shorts with the newer gel inserts in the chamois but the join between each gel pad is causing aggravation. I also got a new pair of my preferred Nalini shorts but the stitching up the centre of the chamois is causing irritation again. I have ordered some Chamois Butt'r so that might help to break in my new Nalini shorts and alleviate the problem to some degree.

My question is; Can anyone recommend a pair of bib shorts that come with a one-piece seamless chamois with a good but not overly thick amount of padding. I can't locate a pair on the net but there must be a pair out there. If anyone can help, I will be extremely grateful.

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    castelli body paint, castelli free aero free, both have the progetto x2 pad, no seams

    the body paints are *very* comfy, there are far fewer seams that traditional shorts, the short part is made from a single piece of lycra, no seams at leg grippers or shoulder straps, if you are looking for seamless i'd give them a try...

    there's a pic of the pad here... ... cling2.pdf

    ...the pad is smooth, the different 'zones' are just printing, not actual surface contours

    chamois cream makes a big difference on longer rides
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  • Maybe these?:

    Not tried them, but they look decent and Santini kit is good quality.
  • Sungod and Major Mantra, thanks for the speedy replies. Both the Santini and Castelli shorts look like the type I'm looking for. I might try one of each. I knew they weren't going to be cheap but if it means I can get some proper mileage in, it will be money well spent. Thanks.

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  • sungod
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    i've got some of the santini twistgel ones too

    the pad is firmer, the surface is contoured, but again no seams, it feels like it softened up a bit after a few washes

    btw the leg grippers are quite chunky compared to some - a sticky silicone band all the way around the inside of the cuff (or whatever the end of the leg is called in shorts)
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  • Anything Castelli with that X2 pad is just, well, awesome.
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    I suspect your problem may rest at least in part with not using chamois cream. I did a 450 mile cycle this summer with friends from other parts of the country and was amazed to find that none of them used cream. They were equally amazed that anyone would buy or use such a product. Once I convinced them to try it, they were amazed at the difference this made to chafing issues. In my experience, Assos padded shorts and Assos shamois cream work brilliantly together and that's what I would recommend to you.

  • Giordana Tenax bibs, the chamois is a moulded affair with no seams, I`ve got 3 pairs and they don`t cause me any probs. Use Assos cream as well.
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