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Winter will be my preferred seasong for riding, although I will be doing a bit in the summer months as well. But I will ride as much as I can in the winter and hopefully in the snow.

What are the best tyres for riding in the snow and slush?

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  • Surly endomorph tyres!

    But, as nost frames can't fit a 4" tyre, I'd just say a wide mud tyre.

    There really is no such thing as a tyre that's good with snow and slush for a "normal" bike, just different degrees of rubbishness.

    hardpack snow is a different story, but even then, it's hardly worth spending £100 + on snow tyres for the few days a year we have.

    Just my opinion though :p
  • Thanks, I appreciate your input.

    I was told the best tyre for my needs in the winter (snow, slush, mud, etc.), would be Maxxis Medusa's. So maybe I'll try these out.

    Anyone had any experience with Medusas's?

  • Medusas would be a good pick.

    I'd say ideally, you want a wide, high volume tyre with good tread running at as low pressure as you can get away with.

    I was using Muddy Mary 2.5 last winter and they worked about as well as I'd expect anything to work.
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    2 ways to do it... On deep snow you want to float, but most trail tyres aren't big enough. On shallower snow you want to cut, so a skinny mud tyre works really well. The middle ground doesn't work well at all, neither fat enough to float nor skinny enough to cut so you end up like a blunt knife, very hard work.

    Oh and on smooth ice you are just ****ed :lol: Either spike tyres, or be very very smooth and graceful and have a good sense of balance. But rut ice (ie snow melt) has a surprising amount of grip.
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  • Thanks for the advice guys, I'll probably try the Medusas for a start, see how I get on.