Seat Mast Cap stuck on Madone 5.2

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I have just bought a second hand Madone 5.2 and it is the first time I have come across the seat mast. I need to raise the saddle slightly and have loosened the two allen bolts on the clamp but I cant get the cap to budge - is it just a case of brute force and ignorance to get it shifted or is there a secret to it?


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    Don't know these myself but can you maybe lay it on it's side or upside down even and repeatedly soak with WD40 or similar coupled with a few light taps with a small hammer ? Alternatively if you have a friendly LBS that sells Treks contact them to see if they can advise/offer to do it. Better to pay £20 for them to do it than break the frame.
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    definetly worth getting a LBS involved, the seat masts themselves as well are not cheap at around 150 I think
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  • Cycled to local bike shop yesterday and found it was closed on a Monday - got home ffeling annoyed so removed saddle from mast, sat back to front on the top tube and managed to remove the seat mast cap with a lot of grunt! I think the previous owner hadn't removed the mast cap for a long time and it had a lot of crud, all cleaned now and perfect height - thanks for the answers

  • Well done, I am surprised at the crud build up.

    Thankfully I have not had problems with my 2010 5.2, but once the height is set and correctly torqued I think it is best to leave the seatmast alone.
    This may explain the crud build up, which may be a good thing as the previous owner has not been constantly adjusting the seat height.