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My 2010 Specilazed 2010 Elite

StanwaySteve62StanwaySteve62 Posts: 702
edited September 2010 in Your road bikes
Just sold my older Allez to buy this one.
I had bought a Focus Cayo 105 but I just did not fall for it even though its technically a better bike, but with the wiggle returns policy it was a worth a try.
I then nearly when for a Bianchi Via Nirone with Tiagra but the only had my size in the Mid blue colour that again I just couldn't fall for.
Have a stable of Specilaized bikes now, my son and I have Hardrock Mtbs, and we both have Sirrus Hybrids (mine is just used on a turbo trainer these days)
Just need to buy some more Bling wheels now :D


  • i can't see this pic..?
  • nor could I :D
  • That better and a fine bike too...much love to the spesh
  • Wil take another pic when i put the seat up properly :D
  • isnt that a 2011 model?

    post says 2010

    I just got a 2010 Expert and the ride is amazing i will post it soon

    nice bike m8, looks great
  • NO 2010, they had the 11 and looks quite different
  • ooh sorry thought it was a Tarmac Elite
  • Just popped out for a quick spin (got a heavy cold so only did about 3 miles)
    Most immediate impression was how much the ride had improved over my old Allez.
    Guess those bendy stays do actually work.
    Look forward to a longer ride now.

    PS I got a super super deal on this, turns out they had advertised at the wrong price on their website and this was the price I rang ths shop and put my deposit down at.
    Bike is now £60 more than I paid for it :D
  • PS Used the same tyres from my old bike ( krylion Carbons)
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