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6 Stolen Bikes

edited October 2010 in MTB stolen
six bikes stolen from Cheshire

Cube Sting XTR R1Teamline as bought
Giant Anthem X1 2009 Mavic SLR, Thomson, Hope mini brakes
Specialized ERA HT Ladies 131/2 "Mavic crosstrails, Easton carbon bits
Giant XTC 13" silver
Haro Race BMX 2010 Black
Kona Stuff 2-4 green 2009 Recon forks silver
Plus lots of spares
Check yoyr insurance mine wasn`t what I thought or hoped for.
All taken 3.09.10


  • Cube was on Ebay followed Police advice and they did nothing.They took to long getting on with getting my bike back. They sold the bike away from the auction no evidence, Ebay were very slow to give the Police the address, the guy is still trading. If you see any of your stolen bikes on Ebay go and visit the bike with large friends.
  • xman007xman007 Posts: 22
    I couldn't agree more. My stolen bike parts turned up on ebay. Police did little even though I gave them heaps of proof but not the 'exact proof'. Since when does a handlebar or wheels have reference numbers like frames? Their system is ultimately floured.
    I ended up putting an official complaint in and had 2 chief inspectors call me within 24 hrs. Still, they did nothing. I wish I won the item now then log the theft with ebay and paypal trading stolen equipment. At least they remove the money from the sellers account until it has been dealt with, p(iss(*& them off in the process!!
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