Specialized Sub Zero versus Radiant

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Looking into a set of winter gloves for really cold weather. I've got Aldi "winter gloves" but they're only ok for "bit chilly" weather where mitts aren't enough. And I've got Endura waterproof gloves.

But for freezing weather I need something else. I was thinking it doesn't have to be waterproof, because a) I have waterproof gloves, and b) if it's that cold requiring to wear these gloves it'll be snow anyway. So maybe Sub Zero's are better choice?

Did anyone bike it in December last year when it was REALLY cold? What gave you enough warmth? My head and feet were pretty cold too but I'll look into that later (wore baraclava and a hat and still cold, feet were cold also with two pairs of wool socks. Maybe we won't get a harsh winter this year.
Say... That's a nice bike..
Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)