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Road Sweat!

ilm_zero7ilm_zero7 Posts: 2,213
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twice now I have noticed this - the temperature drops down below 30 degrees and first thing in a morning and in the evening the road is slippy - nearly lost the back wheel tonight when cornering - but dont think the Rubino Pro Slicks are too good - will swap for PR3's and see if it helps - has anyone else noticed this?
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  • PretrePretre Posts: 355
    Could be dew or mist/fog condensing on the road as morning temps are beginning to drop.
  • And if you live in Abu Dhabi road gook tends to build up without much rain to wash it away and the first sign of moisture makes for a very slippery surface. I don't know of any tyres that will help much in your situation. Just be careful. We have a similar situation where I live. Months without rain and the first drizzle, the roads look like a demolition derby.
  • Yup, it happens...

    Should only be for a few more weeks though, as we go through the transition between summer & winter, and get the high humidity with the large temperature differential

    Tyres won't really help much - as there is no traction available. I've used PR3's here and they were great, but the rubber is very soft, and cuts up quite easily. Do roll very nicely though, and seem suited to the smooth road surface we enjoy. I had only one p*nct*re in about 3,000k's, and that was a small sharp stone which simply punched though the tyre into the inner tube. There is still a hole in the "tread" area from the stone, but no further issues...

    I've ordered some arm warmers for the winter!

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