Jacobs Ladder Ride - Sunday 26th September

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Hello all,

Anyone fancy joining us on an epic journey, well 20 miles or so. We are going to ride the Jacobs Ladder Loop starting at Edale on September 26th, more details available on our facebook group events page.



ps: for some reason link aint working so can get there via our site


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  • Hi,

    I would be up for that. Looked at your site and not sure how to register my interest.

    I might bring a mate too...as long as you're descending it!

  • Hello,

    Just go to our facebook group then our events page, all inbfo for the ride is there. Yeah we will be coming down jacobs ladder, once we have pushed up :) any probs with facebook pm me


    Yorkshire & North East MTB
  • Could be interested, ridden in the Peaks a lot but for some reason never done Jacobs...
  • More the merrier, we have 7 confimed on Facebook Group at the moment.


    Yorkshire & North East MTB
  • Ok, so we did a bit of walking, all 10 of us, including..and I quote..'carried our bikes up mount everest'!!. And roady got injured, but what a fantastic day! I can't move, my curries still not here, but I have a huge smile on my face. Jacobs ladder nailed!! Thanks guys and see you again soon.