Anyone negotiated a discount for a club with your LBS

Russell Smith
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Has anyone, negotiated or asked for a discount with your LBS or chain of shops for that matter, if so how did you go about it.

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  • softlad
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    walk in the shop and say "how about a discount for our club..?" That usually breaks the ice...

    10% is usually the norm......or it is for us...
  • ^this usually works, but it helps if you already have a rapport and only aim for one shop, basically you're offering more trade in exchange for lower prices, not trying to price gouge your LBS!
  • solsurf
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    My problem is that all the LBS shops, 3 of them think that I’m one of their best customer and give me at least 10% without even asking, the other day in wheelbase for example £65 worth, charged £52. I’m obviously buying too much kit, if that’s possible.
  • or you're just a lovely person so they give you good deals because you're nice!
  • solsurf
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    yea that too
  • jordan_217
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    I managed to negotiate 10% off parts, clothes and accessories and 15% off bikes at my local LBS for our club. I'd been a regular customer for some time before asking though.
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  • bigpikle
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    we get 10% of everything and 20% of Trek bikes at our LBS - no idea how they managed that but makes £20pa well worth it :D
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